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Lucca Junior

Lucca Junior is the section dedicated to the world of childhood, a collection of comics, cartoons and games in a special pavilion for children, with lots of associated projects and events. The whole exhibition, in the end, is dedicated to children, but Lucca Junior is a special space, designed for play in the Games Collection, excitement in the Little Theatre, and learning how to work in the Creative Laboratory. With nature and ecological subjects on the one hand, Lucca Junior also provides the chance to see works by the grandmasters of illustrations for children, such as Emanuele Luzzati. The programme is made even more interesting by partnership with one of Lucca's principal cultural institutions, the Teatro del Giglio, where there are exciting gatherings and shows.

For ages 0 to 12, but up to a 100 if you want, Lucca Junior opens its doors to everyone who wants to have fun and play creatively and imaginatively with old friends and new.


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